There is evidence to suggest that using the feet to treat the whole person for healing purposes was practiced in ancient Egypt, India and china. In the West, the understanding that pressure applied to one part of the body may affect another part, developed into the reflexology that we know today. In the 1930s, Eunice Ingham mapped out areas on the feet and hands which she recognized may correspond to the body’s organs and systems, this map forms the basis for most modern methods now practiced.

Reflexology is safe and gentle, by applying ‘comfortable’ precision pressure to reflex points, the body’s own healing ability may be strengthened. Using a combination of traditional methods and techniques from today’s leading experts, treatments are individually adapted to meet my client’s needs. By stimulating parts of the foot, the body may be encouraged to function more efficiently by helping to improve circulation, eliminate toxins, ease tension and unblock congested energy promoting a balanced system. Many clients have found it helpful for a range of conditions including stress related symptoms, hormonal imbalance and many other disorders.
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