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Experienced Reflexologist in Box village, Wiltshire

Reflexology, Aromareflex and Reiki treatments

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Annie is a Reflexologist and complementary therapist with 17 years experience, offering therapies in a clean and tranquil treatment room in Box village (sanitized thoroughly between clients) Currently only Reflexology, Aromareflex and Reiki treatments are available.

Complementary therapies are becoming ever more popular as remarkable results from treatments become better known. Although theories vary about how outcomes and beneficial results are achieved, new techniques and traditional methods often…. simply work!

Whether you are looking for relaxation or seeking ways to manage and improve health concerns, Reflexology Aromareflex and Reiki are therapies that can aid sleep, improve mood and often help with many other physical and emotional conditions. A session will ease the build-up of tension and is ideal for those times when you just need to stop and feel revived with a caring and professional treatment.

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All creams and oils used in complementary therapies are natural and organic from Neal's Yard Remedies Purple Flame Aromatherapy


"Ann is so knowledgeable, professional and friendly, and her technique works very well for me. Highly recommend". Jo, Box

"I have had reflexology treatments for 5 years now and find it extremely helpful. I suffer with fibromyalgia also rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. The treatments relax my muscles and help me to walk also my body functions better! I would recommend these treatments to anybody". Sue, Bath

"I've had many reflexology treatments with Ann and find them relaxing and yet energising and always beneficial" Angela, Bath

"Through reflexology, personally I have benefitted from ease of symptoms of colds, bloating, stress and menopause. Ann has considerably eased stiffness and soreness in my shoulder following an accident and increased joint mobility in my arthritic foot, an improvement which has been noticed by an independent health professional. Ann has a demonstrably wide range of skills and techniques as a reflexologist and can tailor each session according to specific need." Claire, Bath

“I have been visiting Ann for the past six months and am extremely pleased with the results she has managed to achieve for me. I feel stronger, healthier and better equipped to manage the strain of daily life and my energy levels have increased enormously. She is a consummate professional, made me feel relaxed from the outset and is a very good listener! An A1 experienced reflexologist that I would thoroughly recommend”. Catherine Wilson, Bath

"I have been having reflexology treatments for over 9 years and I find it helps reduce tiredness and tensions in various parts of the body and it leaves me with a spring in my step". Pat, Bath age 85

"I decided to try reflexology to help manage my MS symptoms. I have found it helps my circulation and really relaxes me and eases tender areas". Sarah, Trowbridge

“The first time I had a treatment I thought I was already quite relaxed, that’s until I felt the difference afterwards. Now I have regular ‘top-ups’ with Ann, who I would recommend to anyone. Rosemary Taylor, Chippenham

"Annie is an excellent Reiki practitioner I certainly recommend seeing her" Jean, Bathford

"Treatments are very enjoyable, invigorating and relaxing. At age 82, exercise is more limited as I’m not able to run around, play tennis etc so reflexology stimulates the system in a beneficial way, helping to compensate. I am always very pleased with treatments and look forward to them". Joan, Larkhall

"Very happy to find such a good reflexologist in Box village with parking, Annie always gives excellent treatments". Pauline, Rudloe

As one of Ann's long standing clients, I first had reflexology treatments in Bath with her and after she moved find travelling to Box for treatments more than worth it! Jane, Bath

The pure nature of mind – emptiness, lucidity and intelligence without limit – has always been inside us.
Kalu Rinpoche

Association of Reflexologists
Covid-19 Secure Workplace Policy

The Association of Reflexologists was established in 1984 and today it is the foremost aspirational and independent professional association for reflexology in the UK. The letters MAR after a reflexologists name identifies them as one of our members, a sign that they have met the strictest standards of reflexology practice, they are insured to practise and that they are committed to continually developing their skills and knowledge.

The Association of Reflexologists Covid-19 Secure Workplace Policy Logo is there to offer you assurance that your reflexologist is following Government guidelines and the AoR Covid-19 Secure Workplace Policy for working responsibly and safely during these unprecedented times. We are all having to change the way we live but even with the adaptations our members will be making we remain confident that you will still receive a wonderful hands on treatment for improved wellbeing. This is a time when our emotional and physical health need some nurturing and support.

Why is Covid-19 such a concern?

Covid-19 appears to be a highly infectious virus and is thought to have spread to nearly every country in the world. Governments are particularly worried about this as it’s a new virus that appears to be unpredictable. As we plan to navigate the roadmap to recovery you can be assured that AoR members displaying the above logo will be following all government guidelines and AoR Covid-19 Secure Workplace
Policy to minimise risk of cross infection.

What does the AoR Covid-19 guidance include?

AoR Members will:
1. Work within their Governments Guidelines.
2. Have prepared for and complied with the AoR Return to work document.
3. Comply with the AoR Covid-19 Secure Hygiene Guidelines – details strict hygiene practices for the therapist. You can request to see a full copy from your therapist.
4. Changes that will be made include the following:
a. You will be asked to complete a risk assessment form before each treatment to ascertain if it is appropriate for you to have a treatment.
b. Hand washing before and after treatments (or hand sanitiser with a minimum of 70% alcohol).
c. Our members will have clean, dedicated clothes/uniforms for treatments.
d. Treatment spacing – allowing 15 minutes between clients to minimise contact with other clients.
e. Cleaning – This 15 minutes also allows for couch/chair coverings to be changed and any surfaces that have been touched to be cleaned between each client .
f. Depending on the latest government guidelines, your reflexologist is likely to be wearing a facial covering and you may be asked to wear one too – even a scarf is fine (ideally double layer cotton).
g. Clean linen and towels – will be used for each client.
h. Soft furnishings – will be removed if non-essential or completely covered e.g. foot pillows.
i. A cleaning checklist will be on display to show when cleaning has taken place.
j. Waste will be disposed of in line with Government Guidelines.
k. Laundry in line with Government Guidelines.

As a client you will be required to:
1. Complete a risk assessment before each treatment.
2. On arrival declare if anything has changed with your health or within your family unit.
3. Wash your hands (or use hand sanitiser provided by the therapist) on arrival.
4. You may be asked to bring and wear your own face covering. Your therapist will let you know before your treatment if this is the case.
5. Bring your own bottle of water.
6. Bring your own blanket (if requested by the reflexologist).
7. Inform your reflexologist if you develop symptoms of Covid-19.
Hygiene and your safety is of paramount importance to us, if there is anything you are unsure about please contact your therapist to discuss.

© Copyright Association of Reflexologists 2020
Although the AoR takes all reasonable care to ensure that the information in this communication is accurate, we cannot guarantee that it is free from inaccuracies, errors or omissions. No information given by the AoR should be taken as legal advice, nor should it take the place of medical care or advice given by primary healthcare providers. As such, the AoR shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from any information contained in this communication.

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