Reflexologist & Complementary Therapistin Box, near Bath, Wiltshire

Prices & FAQ. Initial consultation free

Included in first treatment.

10% DISCOUNT for courses of treatment of 4 sessions or more and for clients who have previously had courses of treatment. If sessions are booked singly, 40% is deducted from the 4th session.

£50 - Reflexology 1 hour

£52 - Aromareflex 1 hour

£38 - Reflexology children under 16 (45 mins)

£50 - Reiki 1 hour

Within a session, a combination treatment is available, an hours reflexology with Reiki included is a wonderful experience. Please feel free to call and discuss your ideal treatment.

Prices & FAQ. Library Image: Steps in Sand (Sml)

Frequently Asked Questions about Reflexology

Is it painful
Tender spots may be found but only pressure that is comfortable is used.
How quickly will I see results

It varies, results may be quick or much might be happening 'behind the scenes' and take a while to surface. Reflexology in general is not a quick fix but may in time relieve long-standing problems by accessing the root cause.
How many sessions will I need
It depends on individual needs but typically sessions are weekly for 6 to 10 weeks. Long-term less frequent sessions or a single treatment (with no obligation) are all part of a flexible plan.
Is it only the feet that can be treated
The hands can be massaged and worked with in the same way as the feet, either in preference to the feet or if the feet cannot be used.
Can you give me a diagnosis
Reflexologists may feel areas or 'zones' that they give special attention to during a session, but we do not diagnose specific conditions.
My feet are a bit the worse for wear!
Often people feel their feet aren't perfect, many have bunions, hard skin, veins etc. All feet are welcome and have character, they carry our weight around and work hard for us.
Is it suitable for all ages
Shorter and more gentle treatments are given to children and the elderly.

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