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Swedish Massage. Library Image: Back Massage

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage was originally developed by combining Chinese, Egyptian, Roman and Greek massage techniques in the 1800’s. Using oil, a variety of flowing massage strokes are used including percussion and kneading. The degree of pressure is decided at each individual treatment for maximum comfort.

Treatments may help stimulate the skin and circulation, increasing oxygen uptake while also calming the nervous system, promoting deep relaxation for the body and mind. Toxins in the muscles can often be released while helping to soothe knots and aches away, also overall vitality may be increased.

Full body massage treats the back, legs, feet, abdomen, arms, hands, upper chest, neck, face and scalp (any of these areas are optional for your individual treatment) Your modesty is respected with large, warm towels.

Treatments are available in the Box (Wiltshire) treatment room only.

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